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How it Works

For Consumers

Locate a Return Center

Use our online searchable form to Find a Return Center to bring back spent compact fluorescent lamps. Restrictions may apply to the types of lamps allowed at return centers, who may return lamps and if any costs apply. Contact the return center for additional guidance.

Collect and Recycle Your Lamps

Carefully, place or wrap one spent CFL in a zip lock style bag. Keep bagged CFLs away from children. Bags may be available at a return center. Please call your return center for see if bags are available.  Place bagged CFLs in secure container during transporting to your local return center. Follow the instructions of the return center. Questions should be directed to customer service at the store. That’s it! Your CFL will be recycled in accordance with federal, state and local disposal regulations.

Mail-Back Recycling at Home or at Work

For consumers not able to locate a return center, we offer mail-back recycling kits for CFLs, linear lamps, batteries and electronic waste. Simply select Buy Now and purchase a container. We’ll ship you the container and when you’re ready to recycle it, simply follow the instructions to ship it back to us with the enclosed prepaid shipping label. One cost includes everything you need to recycle and help protect our environment. For more information on our mail-back program, please visit

For Retailers

In response to the growing concerns over proper recycling of energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), the lack of a suitable network of take-back programs and retail promotions surrounding the sale of CFLs, Veolia Environmental Services, the nation’s largest lamp recycler is proud to announce retailers and other businesses can now participate in a consistent, convenient and cost-effective recycling program. Designed by environmental health and safety managers at Veolia, RECYCLEABULB.COM is a program designed to support retail, utility and manufacturer take-back programs. Simply click Buy Now.

A Safe, Simple and Custom Program for You

  • Purchase the containers and level of point of purchase support you need by selecting Buy Now and purchasing a containers.
  • If you don’t want to handle bare glass, purchase bags for customers to use when bringing lamps to you.
  • Place an award-winning RecyclePak® behind the customer service counter.
  • Promote the program by using the available point of purchase materials or develop your own.
  • Collect and send CFLs for recycling.
  • Feel confident any liability is being protected by working with the company that offers one of the largest insurance, liability and indemnification packages in the industry.

One cost includes everything you need to recycle and help protect our environment. For more information on our mail-back program, please visit



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